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Despite all of the divisiveness that exists in our society, one thing that is universally loved by just about everyone is snacks. Yes, snacks. Who doesn’t enjoy munching on popcorn during a movie, or eating pieces of refreshing fruit on a warm day? The thought of chips, cookies, and crackers may take you back to time spent on the playground during elementary school recess, or even “Snack Time” in daycare. However, snacks aren’t exclusively for kids. There are many nutritious, healthy snack food options for adults that provide them with the fuel they need to power through a long day at work. And although a dedicated “Snack Time” likely doesn’t exist in your company’s workspace, providing your employees with food and drinks that are good for them won’t just benefit your workers, but it can also lead to increased production throughout your company.


The average American wakes up between 6 and 6:30 a.m. on weekdays, and doesn’t go to bed until nearly 11:30 p.m. at night. Approximately eight of those hours in between are spent at work, and the time before and after that are often dedicated to running errands, looking after children, or other energy exerting activities.

As a result, it’s not uncommon for employees to experience an “Afternoon Crash,” a term often used to describe the feeling of sudden sleepiness that overcomes workers mid-day. It typically occurs around 2 p.m. and is the result of our Circadian Rhythms sending our brain sleep signals, causing us to be drowsy and unmotivated. Naturally, this affects the production of employees, who tend to be the most productive in the morning but start to slow down after lunch. Some companies offer sleep pods so workers can take a quick power nap, but for those smaller or more traditional offices, a great option is providing healthy snacks that are proven energy-boosters.

Yogurt, veggies and dip, nuts, fruit, peanut butter, and protein bars are all great examples of tasty snacks that are full of the nutrients necessary to combat that afternoon slump. And while sugary snacks like candy and chocolate are okay to consume in moderation, the energy they provide isn’t sustainable and will actually lead to a greater “crash.” Investing in quality, healthy snacks for your employees will result in energized workers who can keep their heads in their work, not on their desks.


Unlike unhealthy junk food that can cause your brain to be foggy and make it difficult to retain information, nutritious food offers many brain benefits that will make your employees’ minds sharper and more attentive. “Power foods” such as pure chocolate, nuts, and berries can help improve cognitive focus, strengthen concentration and memory, as well as improve decision-making abilities. These foods contain antioxidants that improve communication between brain cells and boost overall brain function, improving cognition, memory, and learning as well as preventing and/or delaying neurodegenerative diseases such as Alzheimer’s disease. Making these kinds of foods available for your employees to snack on throughout the day will not only benefit them personally but lead to improved performance across your company.


It’s a straightforward concept; giving your employees healthy food options can lead to them taking less sick days. Healthy foods that are packed with nutrients improve the immune system, helping to prevent illness. Often, office workers will go to the nearest cafe, convenient store or takeout restaurant when they are hungry, and return to their desks with doughnuts, french fries or salty chips. Traditional “junk food” like this actively works against your immune system by compromising the immune system cells that attack bacteria.

By offering healthier options in-office, not only will employees not need to settle for unhealthy snacks, but they could also take these healthy habits home with them, choosing to purchase items in the grocery store that perhaps they had tried at work and enjoyed. If they start to replace unhealthy food that they normally keep at home with better alternatives, not only will the employee become sick less often, but they also may not need to take as many days off to care for their ill children if they are also benefiting from the more nutritious options at home.

It goes without saying that better attendance results in better productivity at work, and a good way to have your employees feeling great is by providing them with snacks that will have positive impacts on their bodies.


When an employee’s stomach starts to growl, they often head to the door to find food off-site if none is available in the office. This means that their time is being spent going to get food elsewhere, and waiting in line once they get there. (And we all know how busy food spots can be in highly populated business areas!) This is valuable time that they could be spending working on a project or socializing with coworkers in the office kitchen.

Plus, we all know that feeling of five o’clock hunger, racing home as soon as that last email is sent in order to start cooking dinner. By providing your employees with snacks at work, they won’t be bolting for the exit the second the clock strikes five. They may not mind staying a bit late to finish a task if they aren’t starving (or have prior commitments).


Employee morale matters greatly, and the way to an employee’s heart may just be through his or her stomach. There are a few reasons why providing free snacks can boost the mood at your office. Free food is a valuable perk that employees appreciate, and it is often used as an incentive during recruiting efforts. It helps to make them feel as if your company is taking care of their needs while saving them time and money.

Some food in and of itself can improve the mood of the person who consumes it. Oats, for example, slowly release energy into the bloodstream, which helps to keep blood sugar and mood stable. They also contain the mineral selenium, which has been proven to improve people’s moods. People who are deficient in selenium often have increased rates of anxiety, irritability, and depression. Foods that contain Vitamin D, such as cheese and orange juice, can increase your serotonin level, one of the key neurotransmitters influencing our mood.

Are you familiar with the term “hangry”? It’s the blended word used to describe the anger someone feels when they are hungry. Hunger has been proven to cause hostility, irritability, and anger. This is because as time continues to pass since your most recent meal, the number of nutrients circulating in your bloodstream falls, which your brain perceives as a threat to your body, causing overt grumpiness. The good news is, this is completely avoidable in the workplace. Providing your employees with a healthy snack selection not only helps keep the peace, but it will also assist in creating a happier, more positive work environment.


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