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“Hey man, up for a game of pool?”

At one time, this is a phrase you would only overhear at a bar or house party. These days, it’s not uncommon to hear it spoken inside the fourth-floor office of a successful tech company.

Employees are the heartbeat of their company. Their work is critical to any level of success their employer may experience, to put it lightly. Therefore, it’s important to not only attract top talent in the first place but also to retain your best workers. Not too long ago, salary was the primary factor when a job applicant was deciding if they wanted to accept an offer from a company. Money is nice, but it isn’t everything – and workers are becoming increasingly aware of that. Nowadays, prospective employees want to know what added benefits they will be provided with at work that will make their lives easier and more enjoyable.

Keep reading to discover the top 10 office perks that have been proven to attract and retain employees.


Walk through the front door of a startup’s office, and there’s a decent chance you will be greeted by a friendly dog (or two!). More and more offices every day are becoming dog-friendly, as employers are increasingly recognizing the benefits canine companionship provides to employees as well as the added convenience of being able to bring their dogs to work with them. Amazon’s headquarters in Seattle has more than 7,000 dogs registered to attend work with their owners!

It’s no secret that dogs have been proven to boost the morale of people around them. A study conducted by the National Institute of Health found that pet owners have lower stress and depression levels, which contributes to creating a happier and more productive workforce.

Allowing your employees to bring their furry friends into the office with them also means that they can spend more time at work, as they won’t need to rush home to feed their dog or let them out to do his or her business. Plus, doggie daycare is expensive and not an option for some dogs who have health problems or don’t do well in that type of environment.

How can you say no to this face?

puppy love


Let’s face it – employees spend a lot of time at the office. Why not give them a place to take a quick power nap and get an energy boost that will help carry them through the rest of the workday?
Tired employees result in lost productivity. Some companies such as Ben and Jerry’s and Cisco have designated “nap rooms” which contain sleep pods so sleepy employees can get some shut-eye during lunch or on a break. Workers don’t have to worry about falling asleep on the job, while employers benefit by having well-rested employees who can channel their energy into their work. It’s a win-win!


We all know the struggle of finding a good gym that’s close by, not overcrowded and has reasonable membership rates. Some large corporations now offer a full-sized gym on-site (complete with state-of-the-art machines), while some small-to-medium sized companies have smaller, scaled-down “workout rooms” that offer a more modest selection of equipment and a treadmill or two. Either way, employees appreciate having a convenient space to get their workout in! An in-house gym makes it easier for them to meet their fitness goals and have a daily routine that satisfies them.


Work can be stressful and long hours often lead to employees sacrificing their important self-care time. That’s why offices across the nation are starting to offer wellness services to their employees that help heal their minds and bodies. Some examples of in-office services offered include meditation rooms, weekly yoga classes, massages and more. Software company AppDynamics even has a weekly run club for employees to participate in! Knowing that a company cares about their mental and physical health is a trait that workers are increasingly looking for when applying for opportunities with companies.

employee wellness


To some, it may seem insane to give employees alcohol while they’re on the job. However, a Friday afternoon happy hour is becoming increasingly common in workplaces, particularly startups and tech companies. The thought of having a cold one (or two) with coworkers gives employees something to look forward to after a long week. This defined time is also a great opportunity for employees to mingle with each other as well as get to know members of management and CEOs better in a more relaxed setting.

Don’t feel comfortable handing out booze? There are tons of great ways to have a sober gathering. Mobile gaming company Pocket Gems has a regular ping pong tournament at their office that all employees are welcome to participate in, or simply watch as a spectator. Other companies have weekly trivia contests or coffee hours that provide employees with time to relax and build relationships with each other.


This one is a no-brainer. Employees should be able to work in what they feel comfortable in – stuffy suits don’t increase job performance. Plus, they won’t have to spend money on expensive outfits that they’ll only wear in the workplace. People express themselves through what they wear, so implement a casual dress code that allows your staff to be confident and comfortable. They’ll be appreciative and won’t mind dressing up for an important meeting here or there.


A games room seems to be a staple of any tech office, no matter if they have just a dozen employees or thousands. Ping-pong tables are among the most common activities available when employees want to take a quick break, but some workplaces also offer foosball and pool tables. LinkedIn’s California campus has all three in their game’s room! Other companies offer video games, darts, mini golf or even some old-fashioned arcade games. A games room is a great space for employees to escape the daily grind for a few minutes, and playing on teams or against each other helps build camaraderie amongst coworkers.


On-site daycare is a service that is often only viable for larger corporations, but it is a very valuable work perk for parents of young children. Daycare is expensive and space in some areas can be very limited. Plus, strict drop-off and pick-up times limit the hours an employee can spend in the office each day. By providing child care, employees get peace of mind and convenience by being so close to their baby or toddler, and employers can expect to have their employees stick around a bit longer some days when necessary.


Between work and family, it can be hard for employees to find time to do their daily errands. That’s why some companies offer concierge services to their staff, ranging from dry cleaning drop-off to car oil changes or even just package shipping and paper shredding. Having these mundane tasks done for them makes employees’ lives easier and allows them to spend more time concentrating on work and with their family, rather than running errands.


One of the most sought-after workplace perks is, you guessed it – free food. Meal prep takes valuable time and let’s be honest, eating the same few lunches every day gets boring. Many larger companies have on-campus cafeterias that serve employees meals and snacks, while some small-to-midsize startups have an in-house chef. However, that option can be expensive and inefficient.

Personalized catering platforms such as Tyme provide employees with daily nutritious, tasty, customized meals and gives them the opportunity to try new things without worrying about packing a lunch. It also allows employees to eat in the office with their coworkers rather than leaving to get take-out. Tyme is also a great choice for employers because it lets office managers spend their time on other important projects instead of making tough food decisions on behalf of the whole office. Click here to learn more!

company lunch program

And always remember – a happy employee is a productive employee, and a productive employee is a profitable employee.

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