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Takeout & delivery apps shouldn’t take out the neighborhood.

Surging fees from third-party food delivery apps is proving unsustainable for restaurants.

Tyme allows you to take back the control.

We are a free order-ahead marketplace that allows you to keep 100% of your sales, with the added bonus of our nationwide advertising.

With Tyme, you can:

  • Set up order ahead technology in less than 24 hours.

  • Have access to the same tools as the big brands – without the big costs.

  • Proudly promote order ahead technology that does not take away our profits.

Adapt your Business: Fast and Free. We’ll even import your menu for you, so you can start accepting orders in as little as 72 hours.

Start accepting & managing your own order ahead technology

Let customers place orders for your restaurant with no fees.

Consolidate orders onto a channel that you control

Tyme is the only order ahead platform that allows you to be a part of a community where you keep all of the sales.

Free to use, fast to set up

Tyme is completely free, and fast to set up: we’ll even import your menu for you, so you can start accepting orders in as little as 72 hours.

Independent restaurants are trapped in an ordering epidemic.

Across the country, third-party food delivery apps have become a part of everyday life. But beyond their marketing-fueled facade of convenience and instant gratification, they’re killing the restaurants we love.

Lured-in with signup deals and hooked with the promise of sales boosts, restaurants are discovering that life inside the web of big tech is unsavory at best. With commissions as high as 40% on every order — on top of a delivery fee and service charge — these apps are forcing restaurants to sacrifice a large slice of their already razor-thin profit margin.

The average restaurant only nets a 6% profit. If a restaurant only keeps 60 cents of a $10 sandwich, an added commission of 40% whittles their margins down to nothing. In many cases, restaurants lose money on these orders.

And as third-party food delivery apps gain popularity among diners, restaurants are seeing sharp spikes in the kind of delivery orders that hurt them the most. This is simply not sustainable. With nearly 11,000 independent restaurants closing in the U.S. in 2017,2 our very own communities are at stake.

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We believe tech should serve restaurants.

Not make them fight to stay open.

Local communities and restaurants are the lifeblood of our neighborhoods.

That’s why we’re working for a brighter future for the restaurant industry – one where local restaurants remain at the center of our communities and local culture.

We work together to make sure you do not get burned.

At Tyme, we believe restauranteurs should have access to the best technology that helps them grow their business, instead of putting them at risk of going out of business.

We designed Tyme with you in mind.

We believe you should own your own customer relationships and revenue – not let a third-party company take that away from you.

We believe you should have access to the same tools as the big brands – without the big costs.

We believe your customers should order in ways that make your business sustainable and help you grow.

Tyme believes in the power of putting the platform in your hands.

Connect with us to learn more joining the Tyme platform

We are excited to meet you and to provide you with a profitable way to take customer orders. Instead of tricking consumers into unknowingly hurting local restaurants, Tyme provides advanced technology and a better way to order – a way to make businesses like yours, thrive!

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