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Delicious Snacks to Fuel Your Hungry Team!

We want to partner with the best office managers to source, manage and curate your snack order.

Swipe, Aggregate, Automate

Imagine a world where you gather real-time feedback on the snacks that your team likes, coupled with the dietary preferences that they live their life by. Tyme’s proprietary platform allows you to gather information and then automate your snack ordering duties based on your team’s likes & preferences!

Tyme to Create Unlimited Happiness

We believe snacks can be delicious, good for you, and continue to give you fuel so you can focus on your company’s biggest priorities. We partner with office managers to ensure this important task is taken off of their plate!

Fixed monthly price – never go over budget

Freedom of choice & variety for all employees

Snacks picked based on the likes & preferences of all

Mobile platform that allows you to quickly obtain feedback

Why is it Tyme?

Ease & Convenience!

Your dedicated snack concierge takes snack duties off of your plate. We make it easy to bring premium snacks to your office.

Increase Happiness!

Positive energy in, positive energy out. Your team will always be excited with an ever changing mix of feel good snacks that boost morale and show your team we care about your wellness.

Great Prices!

Get up to 25% off retail prices on the best emerging snack brands and skip trips to the store with scheduled delivery.

Our Snack Program Includes

Why do most forward-thinking companies love Tyme?

Better Snacks

Taste-Tested Goodness

Exciting Variety

Clean, Delicious Ingredients

✓ Better Experience

A Personal Snack Concierge

Curated for You

First Access to New Snacks

✓ Better for the World

Sustainability Commitment

Donate to Feeding America

Donate to Feed The Children

Get a FREE Sample!

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