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How to Reinvent the Office Lunch And — Why?

Are you hiring? Trying and not succeeding?

It’s tyme to take a hard look at your benefits. Often overlooked, correctly managed food programs can differentiate you against your competition and other companies that you are competing for talent with.

Nowadays, it simply isn’t enough to provide just the “top three” employee benefits: healthcare insurance, 401K/retirement, and vacation/PTO. To attract highly skilled employees in today’s candidate driven, low unemployment market, your company must ensure it’s doing all it can to check off every desirable benefit on job candidates’ lists.

Obviously, whatever you do to bring in new employees is also going to please your existing employees. And speaking of them, there is some cause for concern. The 2017 State of the American Workplace report from Gallup states that 51% of full-time employees are either actively searching for new jobs or are watching for openings. Worse, the Gallup study revealed that only 33% of employees are engaged in their jobs.

Many companies claim to take great care of their employees with excellent benefits, yet still bemoan their wallflower status among high quality job candidates. Is it time to pull out the plans for the built-in beer taps and high-end espresso machines? Maybe bring in a once-a-week masseuse or in-house hairdresser?

Download this whitepaper now to learn how you can reinvent your office lunch to achieve your 2019 goals.

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