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The Fastest, Safest, Most Convenient Way to Feed Your Customers

Are you a restaurant owner who’s looking for new ways to attract customers? Tyme is for you! Tyme gives you the ability to offer contactless curbside pickup and touchless ordering for restaurants.

If you’ve been holding off on adopting touchless in-store payments or curbside delivery because you’re afraid doing so will be too complex, don’t delay any longer. Our platform uses the most cutting-edge technology that many small restaurants would otherwise not have access to. Yet, it’s easy to use. Tyme gives you the competitive edge you need to succeed in the modern restaurant industry! We provide the system and you do next to nothing (aside from reaping the rewards).

Tyme creates transactions that are good for your business and for your customers. Our platform satisfies your customers’ desire for convenience. That expands your customer base, so you can bring in more revenue. Everyone gains something!

How it works

Curbside Pickups

Getting set up with Tyme is simple! It’s fast, and the system isn’t complicated to learn. All your employees should be able to learn how to use it with ease.

The process begins when you sign up. You’ll need to send us your fabulous menu so we can transfer the information to our platform. That’s it! We’ll handle the rest.

Now your customers will be able to not only order through the curbside app but also pay on the app. The money is sent straight to your business account. Every time an order is placed, it will show on your Tyme app. Your staff will work hard to fill the order to your usual standards.

As soon as the customer pulls up to your curbside, you will get notified thanks to our accurate geo-fenced notification system. Your employees can bring the food out right to the customer’s vehicle. Customers don’t need to call or text to let you know they’ve arrived, and your employees won’t have to answer any phones. It’s truly a seamless experience that requires minimal effort on everyone’s part.

With every order, a customer will receive TymeCash. This incentivizes them to keep ordering and enhances customer loyalty. And that’s in addition to the great experience they will have already had when using our platform! There are so many reasons for customers to keep eating at your establishment.

Touchless Ordering for Restaurants

The process of signing up for touchless ordering with Tyme is the same as signing up for our curbside pickup service. The onboarding process has the extra step of us providing your establishment with a unique QR code. Your restaurant’s first QR code is placed on a beautiful wooden tabletop sign and is completely free! If you’d like additional QR codes, they cost $21 each.

Display your code in a place that’s clearly visible at your restaurant for all your patrons to see. If you get multiple QR code signs, you may want to place one on each table. When patrons come into your store, they can scan the code on their mobile device and they will instantly be redirected to our app that features your menu. A customer will then place their order and pay on the app.

This process is easy, eliminates long wait times before ordering, and adds a layer of safety to the ordering process. You won’t need to have as many employees taking orders, so they can focus on other aspects of the business. Your patrons will also love how efficient the process is!

The Tyme Advantage

Can’t decide which service you want? You don’t have to! Our platform is all-inclusive, so you can offer curbside pickup and touchless in-store ordering.

There’s never been a better time to partner with a platform for contactless pickup. There are so many options, but Tyme has many key benefits you won’t get from our competitors.

Better Profit Margins

While other third-party companies like Uber Eats and Grubhub eat away at your hard-earned profits, Tyme only keeps 2.25% of the revenue! That’s significantly less than all other takeout and delivery platforms. You can keep more profits and invest back into your business. Our number one priority is seeing your restaurant thrive! That’s why we don’t force you to sign a contract and you won’t have to worry about commissions. Our entire platform is designed around your needs.

Superior Quality

Tyme ensures that you also have greater control over the final food that gets to the customer. You don’t have to worry about your delicious food losing freshness and quality while it travels. This gives your customers the best possible experience with your restaurant, which will keep them coming back for more! Rather than relying on a third-party to hand off your food to customers, your trusted employees will be the only ones handling your restaurant’s food.

The Safest Way to Get Takeout

Whether customers choose touchless in-store payments or curbside pickup, these options create a safe experience for your staff and your patrons. This is vital to keeping people safe during the COVID-19 pandemic. With so many businesses suffering, you need all the help you can get to outlast the pandemic. Showing customers that you care about their safety is a great way to keep earning their business. And showing your employees that you value their safety will also create a better work environment.

National Exposure

Tyme is beneficial for reasons outside of the curbside app itself. Because we advertise nationwide, we’ll drive more customers to your business. This is great publicity that you won’t even have to pay for!

Get Started with Tyme Today

Are you ready to transform the way your restaurant does business? We can get you set up and ready to accept orders in just 72 hours! Once you see how much easier it is to keep your business running with our platform, you’ll never go back.


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