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Automate Your Company Food Program

We empower companies to be healthier and more productive while creating a great employee experience.

Whether you’re an office of 20 or 1000+ employees, Tyme is a managed food platform that satisfies everyone’s tastes by delivering personalized, delicious meals to the best companies.

How It Works


Our platform picks a restaurant(s) a day based on everyone’s likes & preferences.

Don’t worry if your taste changes, our algorithm will change with you ensuring that we customize every meal experience for every individual.


Our platform then suggests a meal based on your likes & preferences.

Feel like something different that day? Don’t worry, you can always choose from the full menu instead.


Our platform then delivers individually packed lunches all at once to each office, 99.9% on time.

Fresh, delicious food delivered on time by our top-notch customer success team.


If you forgot to place an order, Tyme allows you to use the allocation amount at another restaurant nearby.

Don’t settle for programs that capitalize on your forgetting to order..

We are constantly working on contracting with and helping restauranteurs that we work with to become more sustainable.

We care about the environment just as much as you do.

Need to order for a buddy? Add them onto your buddy list and you can order based on their likes & preferences without even knowing what they are.

We know the world is a better place when you can share food with your buddies. Tyme allows you to do that easily.

Benefits of Tyme


Enjoy food that is personally curated for you from a menu of delicious choices in your local area.

Everyone has different taste. Don’t settle for buffet-style providers that generalize menus and don’t take your preferences in consideration.

Office / HR Managers

Tyme allows you to spend your tyme on other important projects at your company. We make you the office hero by owning all aspects of food and snack programs within your company.

Our customizable approach helps you make everyone happy while reducing food waste, and meeting everyone’s individual dietary restrictions.

CEO / Executive Management

Tyme helps you recruit the best individuals, drive productivity and increase collaboration.

Build a company culture that you are proud of by taking care of your biggest asset – your employees.

Who’s On Tyme?

..and countless other companies!

Tyme makes office food programs for administrators easy and headache free.

We develop a custom plan for your company based on your requirements and then fully manage the end-to-end process to ensure everything is flawless.

Ready to Learn More About Tyme?

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