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The Bay Area is home to some of the country’s best restaurants. The diverse population this area is known for is well represented by the wide range of cuisines available at establishments across San Francisco and surrounding cities. Whether you are in the mood for Italian, Chinese, or just a good old-fashioned American burger, you likely won’t need to travel too far to find what you are looking for. However, office lunch delivery is a whole other story. Finding a restaurant that can quickly deliver meals to an entire workplace is a bit more challenging. We’ve rounded up a list of places that have been proven to deliver high-quality food in a timely matter to offices of all sizes. Consider one of these tasty options for your next office lunch…


The Grill House | Redwood City

This award-winning, family-owned restaurant is the home of Redwood City’s Best Burger, a fresh ground, 6-ounce burger patty that is seasoned and grilled over an open flame then served on a fresh-baked potato pepper bun. Customize your burger by picking from a selection of dozens of toppings and sauces, or choose from their extensive burger menu that features standouts such as the Siracha Burger and the Hickory Burger, amongst many other tasty options. For the burger traditionalist, the GH Burger keeps it simple with Grill House in-house spread, lettuce, tomatoes, pickles, and your choice of cheese.


Starbird Chicken | San Francisco

A restaurant chain exclusive to the Bay Area, Starbird has perfected the art of fried chicken. Their poultry is locally raised, sustainably farmed, and always antibiotic-free. From tenders and sandwiches to chicken salads and tacos, Starbird’s chicken is hand-breaded in their secret blend of gluten-free flour and spices, creating a delightfully crispy crunch with every bite. Craving some heat? Try their new Nashville Hot lineup! Don’t forget to add one of their famous house-made dipping sauces (or two… or three…) to your order.


Little SzechuanSan Francisco

Little Szechuan is a Chinatown staple. They have something for just about everyone! Their menu features dishes from different regions of China, including incredible Szechuan fare for those who love some serious spice! Customer favorites include fried rice, wonton soup, Mongolian beef, and Shanghai dumplings. Known for their affordable lunch specials, Little Szechuan is a great option for an office lunch order.


Les Gourmands Bakery | San Francisco

An order from Les Gourmands will instantly transport your tastebuds to Paris. Fifth-generation family bakers moved to San Francisco with the goal of sharing their heritage of French baking with the local community – and there is no denying that they have succeeded! From croissants and puff pastries to sandwiches made on homemade French bread, everything on their menu is très delicious. They even offer savory French classics like Croque monsieur. Bon Appétit!



The Argentum Project | San Francisco

The Argentum Project offers a slice of Greece right here in the Bay Area. This Greek-style coffee cafe serves breakfast and lunch on weekdays, but don’t try to order on Saturday or Sunday – they are closed on weekends! Their menu features authentic Greek specialties such as pita souvlakis and koulouri sandwiches, but they are perhaps best known for their award-winning, house-made authentic Greek yogurt and baked goods that include hortopita, spanakopita, bougatsa, tahinopita and more! 


Curry Up Now | San Francisco

The legend of Curry Up Now is quickly growing. The modern Indian street food chain now has locations all over the Bay Area and beyond. Their popularity is well earned. Curry Up Now puts a twist on traditional Indian flavors like tikka masala and butter chicken by remaking them in an innovative and recognizable fashion. From street snacks such as their “Itsy Bitsy Naan Bits” and “Bombay Maggi Noodles” to huge Thali Platters and signature dishes like their Deconstructed Samosa, it won’t be hard to find your new go-to lunch dish at Curry Up Now.


Trattoria da Vittorio | San Francisco

There’s nothing that a hearty plate of pasta can’t cure, and Trattoria da Vittorio is just the place to order from when that craving for carbs hits. Their menu features southern Italian classics such as house-made gnocchi and their famous traditional lasagna with meat sauce, as well as other favorites like Neopolitan pizza, paninis, and salads. It doesn’t get any more delicious than this!


HOM Korean Kitchen | San Jose 

HOM Korean Kitchen says, “Welcome Hom” with Korean comfort food that is made from scratch every single day. They promise to never sacrifice quality and to always use the freshest ingredients possible, meaning no MSG or preservatives. You can mix and match ingredients to create your own meal by choosing a base, protein and three sides (banchan). Best of all, HOM is allergy-friendly! All of their food is free of dairy and nuts, and gluten-free and vegan options are available.


Il Casaro Pizzeria & Mozzarella Bar | San Francisco

There is no shortage of great pizza in the Bay Area, but Il Casaro might just take the cake (err… cheese?) Their menu may be on the smaller side, but that’s ok because you order from Il Casaro for one reason and one reason only – their incredible Neapolitan style pizza. Seriously, does anything beat that crispy, delicate, lightly charred thin crust? We think not. It’s hard to go wrong with a classic Margherita pie, but if you insist on more toppings, their prosciutto pizza is also a great choice.


Ramen Underground | San Francisco

Look no further for authentic and healthy ramen in San Francisco. Ramen Underground is here and well, its popularity amongst office workers in the Financial District indicates that it isn’t exactly laying low any longer. The only entree they offer is ramen, and boy are they good at making it! Choose from chicken, vegetable or tonkatsu broth for your noodle bowl and your choice of toppings, or select a dish right from the menu. 


Fayala | San Francisco

With recipes originating directly from the owners’ hometowns, Fayala puts a contemporary flair on flavors from North Africa, the Mediterranean, and the Middle East. As such, this restaurant offers an extensive wrap and sandwich menu with more than 25 items to choose from. Whether you want a smoked salmon wrap, burrata sandwich or chicken shawarma, Fayala is guaranteed to please. 


iKU Sushi | San Francisco

iKU’s motto is “Eat Fast and Eat Smart,” and its innovative sushi store will help you accomplish just that. iKu sells pre-packaged sushi that is prepared by their in-house sushi experts every morning and throughout the day using raw materials sourced from sustainable seafood suppliers and local farmers. The pre-prepared nature of their menu items means office food delivery will be faster than cooked-to-order alternatives. 


Nourish Cafe | San Francisco

You don’t have to be a vegan to enjoy the 100% plant-based menu from this restaurant! Vegan doesn’t necessarily mean healthy, but plant-based does. Nourish Cafe uses organic, whole foods and non-GMO ingredients to create delicious, wholesome and healthy foods, using only natural sweeteners and minimal oils. They have a wide-ranging menu that includes bowls, sandwiches, toasts, smoothies, and even waffles! 


These restaurants and many more are available on the Tyme platform. Join our Office Food Program today and order directly from our app! 

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